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Microsoft Word

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  • Course Outlines:
    1. User Interface
    2. Formatting (font, color, Change Case, Highlighting, Bold, Italic, Under line, Superscript, Subscript and strikethrough, paragraph)
    3. Alignment, Margin, Indents, Type of Listing: simple/ table listing, bullets listing, number listing, Multilevel listing.


    1. What is Multilevel listing, parent child relation, customization of listing, line height, paragraph spacing, paragraph shading, paragraph bordering.


    1. Way of typing left to right or right to left, sorting; date sorting, text sorting, number sorting, how to add Urdu, how to type in Urdu, Urdu font installation, Listing in Urdu
    2. How can we find in MS word document? Find and replace, find and replace specific format, how its important for an expert composer. What Selection pane and when we must use it?


    1. Universal short cuts for window and MS office, what is templet, how to create a templet in MS word and how we can reuse it? Why templet.


    1. How can we compose a document in MS word, what is CV? How to make an effective CV? What should we keep in mind while composing CV? How to describe an experience in CV?


    1. What is cover page, how can we design it in MS word. What is blank page in MS word, what is page break and how can we use it.
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Lesson no.1
MS Word. User interface

  • MS Word. User interface
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Lesson No.2
MS Word

Lesson No.3
MS Office365 L3

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Lesson No.5

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1 week ago
I have done my Ms word course . It's just amazing 😍😍😍.