Get Skilled And Earn Online

Get  Skilled  And  Earn The Worth

Get  Skilled  And  Earn The Worth

Amazon- Largest Market Place to Earn Dollars

Amazon- Largest Market Place to Earn Dollars

Amazon deals a variety of means to make money. Amazon being the largest universal online marketplace starting from online sales to hunting a traditional job in shipment delivery of customer support service. Amazon provide sellers’ access to more than 300 million customers internationally. It is highly recommended to consider Amazon as your new earning plate form either as a part-time or full-time work here. 

Making Money Online through Selling on Amazon

If you are a producer or manufacturer of an item or you see an item worth sales you will definitely look where the customers are. As Amazon seller, you will have access to more than 300 million customers. If you may manage a way to set yourself apart, in tough competition on Amazon sellers, it’s very much possible to make good money. More than 50% sales on Amazon is sales from independent sellers.

Work as Wholesale Seller

Purchasing merchandise in bulk from a producer or manufacturer and selling the products on Amazon on a profit is whole selling. Like you negotiate a bulk quantity of Denim pants with a high quality manufacturer make a deal to buy a pant for $15, you can sell the same pants for $18 on Amazon.

Wholesale seller on Amazon need to set up a seller account and mark the product to sell. A business license and sales tax permit may also be required as per local law. After establishing business you have to go for tax filing process by use E-File to submit sales tax returns to the state tax authorities.

Retail Arbitrage

When you purchase branded products from a retail store during discount sales and sell them for profit on Amazon. Few ways to go for this may include creating and selling audio or courses, e-books and private products. You could also sell digital downloads, such as templates, graphics packs, podcast shows, or software. Make sure that quality of your products is high and these are different to items that other sellers are selling on Amazon.


You can submit an application with your amazon selling account to Join Amazon Hand Made and can sell your handy crafts to customers around the globe. Prior to sales you have to complete Artisan application and audit process to authenticate that your goods are genuine handy craft. Amazon provide you its whole market and charge15% referral fee on each sale.

Designs Selling

If you are a creative person and are a designer, we recommend you to apply for Merch by Amazon, by using Merch you may craft your own designed products to sell on Amazon. You need to sign up for Merch on Demand, to start selling. All requests are not accepted. If you are accepted, you need to upload your artwork and select a product type (products can range from shirts and caps to bed linen and laptop cases), Amazon will print and ship your products. No upfront cost involved and you will earn money through royalties.

Sell With Amazon FBA

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) allows their sellers to store & ship products from Amazon’s warehouse directly to customer. If you live in a shared accommodation or don’t have any storage space then Amazon will store your products in their ware house. So you can avail more items without fear of shortage of storage space hence you may grow your business at faster pace. Moreover, Amazon will pick, pack & ship your stuff to your customers. Packing and shipment by Amazon will save your time to put your efforts into other parts of your expanding business.

6 Tips of Sell on Amazon

Here are few important tips that you may apply to optimize your sales.

Opt for a Niche

When your profession and your passion become aligned you not only fully enjoy your work but you take it to new heights of progress. So first of all you have to select a niche, most suitable to you. You may become specialize in hand made leather shoes or wooden handicrafts. To better understand the product demand and to know how much you can potentially make, you will have to conduct product research.

Conduct Research

After selection of niche, it’s important to know that what your competitors are doing. What are they selling, what their strategy to sale is and how they price the products.

Competitive Prices

Competitive pricing is a hall mark of success on Amazon due to high competition. Your prices have to be low enough to remain in competition but still you need to ensure a profit. When adjusting the pricing strategy consider the purchase price, shipping costs, coupons or discounts and minimum profit margin.

Product Description Optimization

Product description is very important to determine visibility of your products in Amazon’s search results. Product description may convince customers to buy your product. To improve descriptions, mention key product details, keywords and make it simple.

Good Product Pictures

Ensure to follow Amazon’s image guidelines. Then optimize product pictures by using high-quality images which are descriptive of product. Include photos taken from different angles to offer a better idea of the product to the customers.

Only Quality Products

For positive reviews and repeat customers, always ensure best quality of your products and never claim high against low quality products.

Making money on Amazon without selling

If you are not a man of sales and marketing no problem. Amazon offers a range of non-sales earning opportunities.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Popular as MTurk is a crowdsourcing marketplace where you can find virtual Human Intelligence Tasks (HIT) to complete on a fixed rate, ranging from data processing & analysis, filling up of market research or survey forms or transcribing audio tapes. You need to create a Worker account on MTurk. Account would be then reviewed, with an outcome within three business days. Rates would be given by requestor.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a commission by promoting products or services of a company. For example many websites or blogs will include links to recommended products or services. By clicking on the link and making a purchase, the website owner earns a commission. By using Amazon Associates (Amazon’s affiliate marketing program), you can start monetizing traffic on your blog or website. Apply for Associate’s program. To increase chance of acceptance, Amazon would like to see a website having original content on your website or blog, available to the general public. Specific requirements are outlined for mobile apps, blogs, websites and social media platforms. On acceptance, share products with your audience using Amazon’s customized linking tools to earn commissions. Your earning depends on product categories. Commission income is paid roughly 60 days after the end of earning month.

Amazon Kindle Self-Publishing

Self-publish an eBook or paperback on Amazon Kindle for free. On completion of writing of your book, publishing process will take less than five minutes and you can see your book in Kindle stores around the world within next 72 hours. You can control rights of your book and make changes to book at any time. You yourself will set your price list. You can earn up to 70% in royalties on sales.

Become Amazon Influencer by Building Your Own Brand

Individuals with a large social media following on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are Amazon Influencers and may earn passive income by influencing their followers to buy Amazon products. If you are having a large social media following, you may become an Amazon Influencer and can make money from commissions on sales. You must join Amazon Influencers program at first to become an Amazon Influencer,. On acceptance in the program, a unique URL will be given to use on your social media profiles to refer products on Amazon. Clicking by someone on this link and making a purchase, you will earn a referral fee on the sales.

Customer Service Team

Customer Service Team

If you think you are good to help Amazon customers to solve their problems and to ensure their positive experience, Join Amazon customer service team. You may find work from home and work on-site opportunities in different fields. Amazon regularly updates its Customer Service Jobs, just go and apply online.

Deliver Amazon Packages with Amazon Flex

21 years old guys, having a vehicle and valid driving license can earn money through delivery Amazon packages. While working on Amazon flex, you will decide your working hours. Plan your schedule by reserving blocks of time to work in advance or on the same day. Blocks varies from 2-4 and 3-6 hours, based on category and type of deliveries. You will also require insurance plan and an iPhone or Android phone to get start.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Making money on Amazon is realistic?

It is realistic to make money online with Amazon. Sell your own products (as a wholesaler or through retail arbitrage) or start delivery of packages or work through Amazon Mechanical Turk.

How long it will it take to start earning on Amazon?

It depends on how you plan to earn on Amazon. As a seller on Amazon may take months or more. Delivery driver with Amazon Flex can expect to get paid within few days. Amazon Flex give payments via direct deposit on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Which items give more money on Amazon?

Look for items with wide market appeal, such as books or electronics. Items that are not in competitive field should also be marked. Check Amazon’s Best Sellers Page to get an idea of the best-selling products on Amazon in different categories.

Amazon’s Restricted Categories?

Amazon provides list of restricted categories including : Animals, alcohol, pest control products and pesticides, tobacco and tobacco-related products. Amazon outlines examples of permitted and restricted listings within these categories,.

How Does Amazon business financing work?

Amazon Lending is a loan program that provides business financing to eligible US small and medium-sized businesses. Eligible businesses can borrow up to $2 million in business funding. This is an invitation-only program. If you are eligible, you can apply for funding through your Seller Central account.

Why to Sell on Amazon?

Amazon is one of the most popular online marketplaces having more than 200 million active users. Amazon is a best destination for online shopping and e-commerce. There are so many reasons that Amazon is a great place to sell products. Amazon has a massive volume of buyers. You will have more potential customers than any other platform. Above all Amazon is a most trusted brand which has built a reputation of a reliable and trustworthy online shopping market. Buyers are more likely trust your products when you’re selling on Amazon. Amazon offers great features and tools that make selling products easy. From detailed product pages to customer reviews to quick checkouts, Amazon provides everything you need to sell your products successfully.
Effective Trading Tips for Amazon

Use Amazon Associate Program to become an affiliate.

Sell designs through Merch on Amazon.

Provide services on Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Direct Publishing on Amazon Kindle.

Start selling retail arbitrage products.

Become wholesale seller on Amazon store.

Sell through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

Become Amazon Influencer by building your own brand.

Sell best quality physical products online.

Top-selling categories on Amazon 

·       Electronics

·       Personal care products

·       Clothing, shoes, and jewelry

·       Video games and gadgets

·       Books

·       Gift cards & Decor

·       Households & kitchen

·       Photography & Paintings

Amazon FBA Sellers’s top 5 most profitable product categories:

·       Babies Stuff

·       Jewelry including Artificial

·       Exercise clothing or gym dresses

·       Electronics & Gadgets

·       Books


Amazon is one of the trusted e-commerce platform to earn and making money in 2023, Amazon have millions of customers around the globe and it offers everything any one need to buy. Amazon provides range of transactions and activities liken product pages, customer reviews, quick checkouts etc. Amazon provides everything required for a favorite environment to sell your products successfully. Amazon offers multiple tools and great features to make the selling of products easy.

you can be on your way to be a successful Amazon seller by reading and acting as advised above in this blog. The bottom line is you need to put in the work, if you want to make money on Amazon in 2023. Remember to focus on your niche, do research and create competitive product listings with competitive rates. Surely through this way you will be successful to build a good and effective e-commerce business to make good money and helps you achieve your business development goals.

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