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Get  Skilled  And  Earn The Worth

Get  Skilled  And  Earn The Worth

Freelancing- How to Start Earning in Dollars Through Freelancing

Freelancing- How to Start Earning in Dollars Through Freelancing

You daily see different advertisements on social media, print media and billboards, urging you guys to earn dollars and euros through freelancing. You would definitely be knowing some persons who introduce themselves as freelancers and are earning handsome amount sitting at their homes. Naturally question comes in mind, what is freelancing and how they earn from their home.

Right guys, spare your few minutes, after reading this blog you would become completely familiar with the concept of free lancing, types or fields of freelancing, different platforms of freelancing and different relevant jobs and the fact that how a person without experience and back ground of IT may become a freelancer.

Here it goes:-

1.  Who is the Freelancer?

A person who work independently on per-job or per-task rates, he may be named as a contractor. Mostly for short-term work. Advantages of freelancing are freedom to work from home or from any non-traditional workplace with a flexible work plan and a superior work-life balance.

A freelancer independently offer his services to perform a specific job on a market place and demand a fix rate for that work. He promised a dead line to handover the completed task or job, but within that time frame he is at his on freewill to work from home or any other place, similarly he will choose his own working hours. So a freelancer is more like a contractor not an employee.


1.  Whether a full time working person can start freelancing (As part time)?

It is as easy as reading this blog, Just go for following steps:-

  •    Select your field of service and prepare your offer
  •   Find potential  Clients on Freelancing platform
  •     Offer Basic Price and further add-ons prices
  •    Post your portfolio and including your finished projects
  •     Post excellent proposal
  •    Develop a trustable relation with client
  •     Keep on developing your skill set.

Create Your Website.

Most easy way to create your web presence and to start freelancing without experience is creation of a website for your services. No problem that you aren’t a web designer, templates are available for every web platform. You just have to tweak the colors to match your brand logo. Recommended website platforms for beginners are Elementor and Wix. If you are ready to work hard and want a better option consider WordPress. 

Make sure to purchase your own domain name. (like; while making your website. A freelancer having a website looks very professional to your clients and usually it provides you a free email address at your domain as well, then you need not use Gmail/hot mail but your email address would be on your own domain. Don’t stuff your website with lot of information on your website to confuse your clients. Focus on your client, what you offer and how you give them support through your professional services. Essential web pages you need must include; a home page, about us page, contact us page, and offered services page.

To elevate your domain power, you may try to start a blog on your website. This is a great medium to share information with potential clients and display your skills to show others that you are an expert in the field and may be hired for that skillset.



    Showcase Your Work

Showcase your work to others to let them know about what you do. You can create a presentation using apps like Canva to present/show your projects. Create its PDF and share it with potential clients or to those who may have interest.

At start, you will have nothing to showcase. Don’t worry about it! Instead, look at “Dummy Projects” on this blog, it might help you out. 

   Inform Your Own Circle

Best tip to fresh starters of freelancing is convey every one, information that you are offering these services as freelancer.

LinkedIn may be used to access former co-workers and colleagues. Let them know about your services and rates, and request them to spread in their social circles to get some potential client.

Post at your personal Facebook page for your family and friends to know about your skills and offers.

Use Social Media

If you are still in thinking process that how to start freelancing without experience. Come on, social media is open and waiting for you to convey your offered services out in the world. Facebook, the biggest social media plate form, which alone have more users than the number of vehicles on roads of the world and no of planes in the sky. Then Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and so many more.

You have to think which social media platform is more suitable for you to have the clients which you want to offer your services. If you do not exactly know about your required unsure where they would be, then select the social media platforms you use most frequently, create account with your new business name/ ID.

In Facebook you look in the right places, join Facebook groups with the type of person you want to work with. Like if you want to work with tourism bloggers, then you would have to join many tourism blogger groups.

Now wait till anybody asks a question in group that you may answer if that is relevant to your services. This will help to showcase your knowledge, even if you have no experience.

Use Instagram reels and try to post regularly, present your face on stories. Some potential client might visit your post/ reel.

Free Services

At very beginning when you are getting start, nothing wrong to offer services for free. This free service will give you, hands on experience and confidence that you can do. You will also have the right to put the work in your portfolio at your site. When giving free services, you may consider making your packages smaller so you may get great portfolio work out of this work.


Dummy Client Projects


Yes, so many person doing a fulltime employment or business used to work as part timer in freelancing. One has to take the following steps to become a part time freelancer:-

  •     Select a field in which you have a skill, best field would be the one which is close to your passion.
  •     See for best second jobs that you may handle without experience.
  •    Improve your skills which are useable in freelancing.
  •    Develop additional skills.

    Starting Freelancing without Experience


  •     First of all is selection of freelancing field according to your niche.
  •    Creation of your presence on internet (online).
  •    Portfolio Development.
  •    Connection with other professionals and freelancers including professionals/ freelancing platforms.
  •    Direct Access to potential clients through any freelancing platform.

Transformation of Beginner to a Freelancer?

There are so many freelance businessmen who use interns to work on some tasks they don’t find time for, like answering emails, replying letters and Social Media Management etc. They pay a reasonable amount for such tasks.

So at the start of your freelance carrier you may work as intern for some time to practice and polish your skills.

For internships, search in job board websites like Indeed Job Search, Glassdoor Jobs, LinkedIn etc and Facebook groups.  

    Freelancing Websites

Hundreds of potential clients are available with ready to offer freelancing projects on these freelancing websites, for willing to work freelancers. These may start from editing, proofreading jobsgraphic designing to writing blogs/ articles for clients websites.

It is always good to invest in yourself and take on courses or certifications that will increase your chances to be hired. For example, If you wants to be a proofreaderdo a course that offers skills, support and guaranteed work at completion of course.

Few good freelance websites for beginners include Fiverr and Flex Jobs but there are also many others. Guru, Upwork, Toptal are for more experienced professionals. It is recommended to use minor platforms like Fiverr at beginning and on gaining confidence of hands on experience one may shift to better earning platforms like Upwork etc.


Jobs for Freelancers with No Experience

If you do not have experience in any freelance service but you want to earn, Okay you are quite enthusiastic person. No problem, you need not to worry. Here are few fields and skills of freelancing that you don’t need a lot of experience for. Ok let us have a round of freelancing jobs that required less or no experience to start with, Here we go:-


Editing/ Proof Reading

This is the best job for fresh freelancers. Here you will gain working experience that how to use freelancing platforms or freelancing market places to find work and how to receive payment and similar other procedure and also earning at the same time. Yes rates of these jobs are less but as a matter of fact high rate jobs required some sort of courses and proper training.

Gaining some working experience and practice, you’ll prepare yourself up for better and high skilled jobs. For proof reading and editing you need no formal training or more experience, almost every educated person may find spelling and grammatical mistakes etc. This is what all is required for these jobs. You may check editing and proof reading jobs at Fiver and Upwork.

    Content Writing

Here you can offer writing as a paid service. You may write blogs on a fixed rate, even many freelancers write a certain no of articles/blogs in month on fixed monthly price. Similarly writing of essays, stories are being paid on freelance platforms. More you will gain experience in writing more you will be paid.


   Virtual Assistant

Need to know how to follow the directions given by client. Virtual assistants do everything, from emailing, scheduling appointments, scheduling and rescheduling meetings, and printing and sending invoices, social media posts. Virtual assistants can easily earn up to $50 per hour, even more.


    Social Media Manager

Current era is an era of Socila Media and web and every one on the globe is bussy on social media, so you don’t need any experience or training to be a social media manager.

If you know you are a suer of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or some other social media platform, then you may be a social media manager. U may use design tools like Canva or AI apps like Runway and a good caption to go along. It is that easy and practical.


   Customer Service

Services of a CSR (customer service representative) are ever required jobs. It is now a days is a freelance remote job for online sales companies. Small business owners and bloggers use CSR to be in charge of checking emails, replying and to perform actions accordingly. If you have an internet connected computer and you are good at explaining things? Then CSR may be a great way to get some client experience.



To do transcriptionist you need no experience of working with past clients all you need is a computer and ability to transcript timely what you hear. It may be a great way to gain experience.

Freelancing Without Experience: FAQ’s

I have no experience, how do start a freelance job?

Look on remote work job boards like Upwork, FlexJobs or search on Facebook groups. Use your own website or social media page to promote your work.

   Which Skill of freelancing is good for beginners?

Best freelancing jobs for beginners includes to become an editor/ proofreader, a blogger, Social media manager, an IELTs teacher etc.

How can beginners start freelancing?

Signup and make your profile at some freelancing platform and gain experience. Do some courses to build your skills and qualifications. Now look a project on Freelancing websites as Upwork or Flexjobs.


Now you know the ways and means to become a freelancer without experience. It is not so difficult to work as freelancer if you find out that what you’re good at. We hope that this blog will help you to start your freelancing carrier. If you found the blog a useful, please share it in your circles on social media. Best of Luck Dear.

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