Get Skilled And Earn Online

Get  Skilled  And  Earn The Worth

Get  Skilled  And  Earn The Worth

7 Ways of Earning Money Online

If you are looking for ways to earn money online then you are at absolutely perfect place. Here we will introduce you with 7 best ways to earn money online. Before moving over to our 7 selected ways to earn money online, let us inform you about some wrong numbers!

The moment you open YouTube page on your device, the first V-log come across your sight would be “Start Earning 1000 $ a Day In Just Three Days”, another with banner of, “EARN 10000 EUROS IN A MONTH ON INVESTMENT OF RS 25000/-“and another with heading, ”COME JOIN US, WE WOULD GIVE YOU A WAY TO EARN IN MILLIONS, YOU HAVE TO JUST JOIN OUR 5 DAY’S COURSE”,  – and so on. You see dozens of V-logs with such type of attractive offers, to join them and change your life with earning of thousands of dollars per day.  Come on, these all are scams, they ask high fee for imparting you few day’s training to convert you into a top level freelancer and claims that after couple of days work, a person from scratch would start high earnings. Believe me there is no way to convert a layman overnight into a professional freelance or computer expert. These all are frauds, do not pay heed to them.

Yes it is true that people around the world are earning thousands of dollars/ pounds a day through various online services, but they have not been reached to their current earning levels in a week or month. There is extensive hard work, prolonged on years of hardship behind their success. These professionals got training, did its practice and performed laborious work with very limited earnings over the years, but they did not quit but continued their hard work and keep on struggling day and night, months over months. They not only got experience and professionalism but they keep on polishing their skills through advance studies and trainings and by now they have reached to the level of honor and high earnings. Many of them have established their software houses and they are earning in thousands of dollars/ euros every day. Remember strongest and everlasting key to success is hard work. Where ever a person did hard work with enthusiasm, dedication, allegiance and consistency, a success story born there and that person become an example of success.

I hope now your mind has become clear that there is no legitimate shortcut to success. So now we will apprise you with the 7 ways to earn on line. You need to choose one or more ways out of these to earn online but you have to attain the level of expert in the selected filed through your hard work and consistency. If you will do this, it is for sure that after a time, you would become an example of success and your story would be a success story.Let’s go now to explore 7ways of earning online:- 

Affiliate Marketing

  • An internet entrepreneur needs his own web presence, like his website, blog, landing pages, social media platforms, online sales pages, banner ads, personal e-commerce site etc. But through this medium, yo sell the products of others. One may use any combination out of several combinations mentioned earlier in this paragraph:-
  • Choose a hot affiliate niche market; one with lot of potential purchasers. Check social media to Identify trends and see what’s hot on major merchandise sites like Amazon and CJ Affiliate etc.
  • Share important content and marketing messages according to your prospects.
  • When a customer on your digital platform clicks on a link to purchase, they are taken to your affiliate partner’s web site to finish the transaction—you will get a commission for every sale. Amazing fact is that you don’t have to do the shipping or customer service at your end.
  • Affiliate marketing is fastest and easiest way to start online business, only thing you have to do is to promote the products on your digital platform. You need not to worry about purchasing or placing the products, setting up of payment methods and delivery, or after sales service and customer support.
  • Simply you have to drive the traffic and get them to click on your partner companies, you are working as affiliate and if a sales is completed, you will get commission for referring the customer for sale. Now see few popular affiliate marketing sites to make money from your home;
  • Amazon Associates – Amazon’s affiliate marketing program provides to promote any product on its site and to earn a commission on every sale.
  • ShareASale – is an affiliate marketing platform that offers a range of products/ services to be promoted, like home, gardening, fashion, home, tools and software.
  • Commission Junction – It is another popular affiliate marketing plate form offering a variety of products and services to promote, in the fields of finance, health and wellness, hospitality & food and travel.
  • Clickbank – is a marketplace for digital sales like Software, courses and e-books.  It allows affiliates to promote the products on commission.
  • Rakuten Marketing – It is an affiliate marketing platform that offers fashion, beauty, and electronics products to promot.

Content Creation


Start earning through content creation on platforms like, YouTube, TikTok, and Snack Videos through sponsorships, ads and other methods of monetization. Few steps have been mentioned below through which you can start earning money through content creation:

  • Select a topic or area of your expertise that you are having knowledge of that and having passion for that. This could be anything from a industry, like finance or acting or cooking, for specific content, like videos or blog posts.
  • Invest time on improving your skills in writing, photography, videography and content creation skills. Take courses/ workshops to learn techniques, improve your skills.
  • Creating content and share it on social media platforms, such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok. Engage your audience and ask them to share your content in their social networks and in this way build your audience.
  • On reaching to the level of significant following, monetize your content through different ways, like through advertising, selling products, sponsorship and affiliate marketing.
  • Showcase your skills to create a portfolio of your work and attract new customers. Use platforms like Contently, Behance and Dribble to create portfolio.
  • Get connected with industry professionals and content creators to expand your connections and network, learn from others. Attend events and conferences, participate in online webinars and join professional forums.
  • Be updated with latest techniques, styles and trends of your field and niche for effectiveness and relevance of your created content remains in your audience engagement.



In drop shipping business you are partner with a supplier & Supplier ships products on your behalf to customers.

Let us see few steps necessary to earn money through dropshipping:

  • Select a product category of interest with a high demand. It may be any stuff ranging from households to fashion to electronics.
  • Select a credible supplier, able to provide high-quality products at a competitive price. Use platform like SaleHoo or Alibaba to select best suppliers.
  • Select platform to sell your selected products like Woo Commerce , Shopify, Daraz or Magento. Pick a platform best suitable according to budget and requirements.
  • Build online store, customize it to match range of brand and products of your choice. Include high-quality products with pictures, descriptions, , pricing information and return policy.
  • Promote store through marketing channels on online advertising, social media and email marketing. Offer Schemes, coupons, discounts and promotions to pull the customers.
  • On placement of order, supplier will ship the ordered items directly to the customer. You have to manage the order, shipping and payment process, tracking and Customer handling service.
  • Regularly analyze sales, profits and keep watching customer feedback to check how your business running, solve customer complaints and improve procedures accordingly. Google analytics tools is good for tracking the efficiency, performance of store and to take data-driven policies and procedures.
  • You may start earning in dropshipping and a successful e-commerce business. Dropshipping requires work, consistency and decisions and with the good strategy and it’s on ground execution will confirm success.



When one works for oneself and complete jobs/ projects on a contract, is is freelancing. As a freelancer, you are a self-employed person and there are hundreds of freelancing online jobs. There are so many freelancing websites and platforms like:-

  • Fiverr– World’s largest marketplace for digital services for buyers and sellers. Fiverr use a unique term “Gig” for a service offered by a seller on Fiverr.’ Sellers may offer their starting price for a gig for sales. Sellers may further offer to buyers their Gig Packages with multiple price range. Sellers can offer buyers different options with added tools and services on additional price in the form of different packages. Buyers can choose from offered packages according to requirements.
  • Upwork– It is largest freelance marketplace which provide a large volume of freelancing jobs throughout the world. Work categories included project management, freelancing as web designers, content writing, graphic designing and so on. More than 20 million freelancers are work from Upwork and it’s free to sign up on Upwork. Over 2 million jobs are listed for freelancers on Upwork.
  • Solid Gigs and FlexJobs– are also exceptional sites available for freelancers looking to work. You need not to worry about scam jobs at FlexJobs. They thoroughly scrutinize the jobs and monitor closely. There are so many categories of jobs on Flex Jobs. Time is money, If you are fast working person, go to SolidGigs. Solidgigs is very fast in filtering the jobs and assigning to the best freelancers. Your time would not be wasted on SolidGigs in scrolling dozens listed jobs.
  • Textbroker – Textbroker is a content creation platform where you can write paid articles for clients.
  • ProBlogger – Problogger is a job board for paid blogging jobs and freelance writing jobs.
  • Contena – Contena is a platform for high-quality writing jobs on high price.
  • iWriter – iWriter is a content writing service which connects writers with clients looking for articles and written content.

Graphic Designing


persons with a talent of creativity and an aptitude for design. Graphic design is a great way for such creators to make good money from home. It includes visual concepts by using computer software or by hand, to transfer ideas to inspire or mesmerize the buyers and users. Let us have a round over to explore some ways to make a handsome money from graphic design. Let’s Go:-

  • Freelancing – Organizations, firms, companies, departments, businesses and individuals need graphic design services for websites, logos, social media graphics and publicity. Freelancing conveys to work on a project basis to charge per hour of work or on project basis.
  • Design courses – Persons with strong background in graphic design create and sell courses on platforms like Udemy or Coursera etc.
  • Selling digital designs – Create and sell your own attractive digital designs, like landing pages, banners, social media graphics, website templates, or fonts, on marketing plate forms like Etsy or Creative Market.
  • Graphic design agencies – Work for a graphic design agency remotely or in-office, to complete various projects of clients.
  • Design contests – Designs contests are offered at Websites like 99designs and Designhill where businesses/ individuals request designs for logos, websites. Winning design is paid a prize.

Online Data Entry


Online data entry may be a good way to earn money from home for persons with good typing skills. It involves entering of data into a computer system or spreadsheet, like names, addresses, age, gender or product related informations. Here are few websites and platforms offering online data entry work:

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk – Amazon Mechanical Turk is a plateform where one can perform tasks like data entry for payment.
  • Upwork – On this largest international freelancing plateform which connects freelancers with businesses and persons searching for data entry services.
  • Microworkers – This website allows individuals and businesses to outsource small tasks like data entry to freelancers.
  • Clickworker – This website offers tasks including data entry to registered users.
  • Freelancer – Freelance platform offers data entry jobs besides other services.



It is estimated that by the end of 2024 worldwide no of listeners of podcast would grow over 500 million. It is most popular audio format for consuming comedy, news, stories, opinions and list is growing more and more.

The person gifted with great voice, love to talk and have a specific interest or talent of public interest to share, podcosting may be great way to earn more money. As on building your following, there are sevral ways to monetize your podcast:

    • Premium (paid) content offering.
    • Donations and tips
    • In-podcast ads
    • Selling goods to audience through an online store

Once you have audience they will expect for regualar episodes that engage them, Building an audience and to maintain it will require time and regular work. Required attention to feedback details, for corrections and customization in content and quality.


    • Audio recording equipment including professional microphone and sound editing software.
    • Account with podcast service like, stitcher, spotify or Apple Music.

Risk Evasion Tips

At the concluding edge of this blog we would recommend you to keep few basic tips in your mind:

Be mindful for online scams: Whichever category or platform you choose for online earning, it’s always advisable to adopt due diligence first. Get it confirmed by all available means and ways that the opportunity/work is legitimate not a scam. Read reviews and do research before bidding for any online money making opportunity.

  • Pursue your interests: While selecting the category of work for your online money making, choose something close to your interest or hobbies. When passion and profession become united it creates remarkable success stories and a worthwhile experience.
  • Market yourself: Success is to stand out from the crowd. Same is when attempting for online earning. You have to have market yourself through your efforts, hard work, dedication and honesty.
  • You Are An Ambassador of Pakistan: Online earning platforms are international freelance market places. Sellers and Buyers of all colors, creeds, religions, continents and nationalities work here. Everyone is known by his country. So every Pakistani working here is an ambassador of Pakistan. Keep in mind, yours any wrong, illegal, unethical, illegitimate and dishonest action would harm Pakistan at that particular platform. Be an honest and upright Pakistani and always raise the flag of Pakistan high in the sky.

Best of luck for your future earnings. Start your journey, today not tomorrow